Corporate Scrum Trainings

Our trainings are highly interactive which allows the attendees to feel and get a hand-on experience of the concepts.

The program “Scrum for Software Teams and Customers” will train your teams and customer representatives to apply the Scrum framework to build an Agile process.

In 2009, Alexey Krivitsky, the SCRUMguides founder and one of the Scrum trainers, invented the Scrum Simulation with LEGO. By now, this is one of the most popular Scrum simulations worldwide, translated to more than 10 languages. Usually we run the simulation as a part of our two-day corporate class.


In contract to the Certified ScrumMaster training, this training has been designed for team members and their customers to:

  • uncover goals, benefits, and application of Agile Software Development
  • deepen understanding of the Scrum Framework, its rules, practices and boundaries of usage
  • develop common understanding of how Scrum can be applied in the given context
  • start designing Scrum roll-out strategy in pilot projects to wind up the continuous improvement thinking
  • get answers to hot questions on Agile/Scrum/XP/Kanban adoption


Two full days of class work + coaching.


This training is designed for development teams (including testers, analysts, designers, artists), whose goal is to properly apply Agile Software Development principles and the Scrum framework.

The training will be beneficial to:

  • project managers, team leads, which are looking for more effective ways of project and people management
  • scrummasters of current projects or scrummaster candidates
  • developers, testers, analysts, designers, artists, – all members of software projects
  • business representatives which would like to start using Agile methods or improve collaboration with their Scrum teams
  • marketing and sales people, executives and project sponsors – to see how they can help Scrum teams in order to amplify the benefits of Agile transition effort.


The trainees will be able to explain the expected benefits of Scrum implementation to their clients and colleagues.

They will be able to teach the Scrum framework structure and rules. And be able to actively participate in Agile transition process.

Class attendees will get a broad picture on long-term planning, requirements processing, estimating and launching Scrum projects.


Day One

  • Traditional vs. Agile Project Management
  • History of Agile, Core Values and Principles
  • The Scrum Framework from 30’000 Feet
  • Anatomy of a Great Scrum Team
  • Anatomy of a Great ScrumMaster
  • Anatomy of a Great Product Owner
  • The Scrum Ecosystem including Project Stakeholders and Product Owner’s Team

Day Two

  • Backlog Grooming
  • Release Planning with Scrum
  • Size Estimating
  • Commitment-Driven Sprint Planning
  • Whys and Hows of the Daily Scrum Meeting
  • Sprint Review, Demonstration and the Definition of Done
  • Retrospectives and Culture of Continuous Improvements
  • Full Cycle Scrum Simulation
  • QA in Scrum
  • Scaling Scrum
  • Offshore Software Development and Agile
  • Q&A Session

The training itself is run by Scrum.

The class is full of exercises, workshops, games, and simulations. Attendees will practise all key elements of Scrum and get experience of its proper usage.

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